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Moon JellyfishMoon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) are sea jellies that are boneless, heartless, brainless, yet delicate organisms that are made up entirely of water. They have been around since before the dinosaurs and do not sting. Scientists have discovered that many sea jellies thrive in polluted and oxygen-poor water. This hardiness makes them wonderful specimens for a specialized jellyfish aquarium at home. They are purchased at 2-5 inches big but can grow up to 18 inches in their lifetime. They rarely reach this size in captivity.

Their diet includes mostly plankton, with some larvae and fish eggs as well. They are mostly found in bays or harbors, but can live in many other habitats. They serve as food for sea turtles, other types of sea jellies and some fishes. The life span of moon jellyfish is about a year or so.

Moon Jellyfish Starter KitThe company I recommend for purchasing your moon jellyfish is Jellyfish Art which sells small two inch moon jellies and large 5 inch moon jellies along with a fantastic starter kit (pictured) which includes six months of food. They ship all live fish overnight at a flat rate and are guaranteed to arrive alive.

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