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Keeping jellyfish is significantly more challenging than keeping freshwater or saltwater fish, but with some careful research into their habits and needs it is quite possible to keep a healthy jellyfish at home or in the office. Understanding what type of aquarium to use is important, since jellyfish can get caught in corners and usually require a cylindrical tank with no corners. Additionally, the water flow is important to pay attention to, since strong current in the wrong direction can make it impossible for the jellyfish to swim freely. The best way to get all of the information on keeping jellyfish is to keep a book for reference. Of the various books on keeping jellyfish on the market, there is one that stands above them all in in terms of price, value and positive customer reviews:

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Even though moon jellies are one of the most common jellyfish kept in the home aquarium since they are most receptive to the home aquarium environment, keeping jellyfish is possible with a number of different species of exotic and amazing jellies. This book describes the tank size and feeding requirements for different species, but the requirements for tank shape and filter flow will stay the same. Setting up a jellyfish tank can be a rewarding experience for the beginner or seasoned aquarist or hobbyist.

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